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Create Lasting Memories with Holiday Decorating Ideas

It is that time again when our hearts are led to snow covered mornings, twinkling lights and the scent of homemade goodies filling the house. It is time to celebrate with family and friends and create lasting memories with holiday decorating ideas.

Holiday trends have evolved over the years. One of my earliest memories was one of my parents' Christmas trees. Gold from top to bottom! Complete with the gold garland, gold ornaments and gold star. I remember being in awe of the soft glow at night and lying on the floor staring up through the pipe cleaner type branches. Pure magic!

I remember being told that the small ornaments were to be placed toward the top and the larger toward the bottom. I remember flocking the mirror in fake snow and placing the red and green candles between the posts on the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room. Don’t forget the stockings must be placed along the banister. So many memories!

There are always traditions you may want to follow but the old rules are gone. Anything goes, as long AS it goes! Whether your style is modern farmhouse, contemporary, Disney, or the traditional red and green color palette, there are ways to style your home to create a warm, inviting and festive but cohesive design.

Here are few guiding points to help you create those memories for family and friends:

Color Palette

This may seem obvious but color has the most impact. Pick a color palette, such as silver, gold and green. Take that color palette and assign a major color, a minor color, and an accent color. Now apply that to the items you are decorating with such as ornaments, lights, bows etc. Following the major, minor and accent palette will help you organize and create balance. To create flow without being too repetitive, change the order of the colors or introduce a new accent color when you move to another room.


The holidays are full of texture! Warm fuzzy blankets, the glitter of ornaments and the prickly nature of the pine boughs adds to the magic of the season. The major, minor and accent rule can also be applied to texture. You do not want all shiny, all matte or all rough decorations. Mix your textures! So, for example if you are doing a modern farmhouse look, you may want to focus on rough pieces such as hand-hewn ornaments, rustic boards and burlap bows. But accent these with some shiny silver orbs or cut glass to create interest.

Creating Balance

Gone are the old days of small ornaments at the top and large ornaments at the bottom of the tree. That being said, you should not overwhelm an area. Space them out, mix shapes and sizes. But watch your proportions! Do not repeat a color, texture or size right next to each other. It is all about creating a way for your eye to dance around the décor.

The Element of Surprise

This is your house and your tree!!! Have fun! Use those great homemade ornaments from the kids or grandkids. Add something unexpected to an arrangement such as an old toy that your dad had or decorate that old tricycle you used as a child.

Make sure to incorporate ornaments purchased on vacation and the my/our first ornaments. Your tree or centerpiece can tell a story about your life, of what is important to you or what you would like to reflect on.

Finally, the home is a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the season. Make those memories! Have some fun with the tree, center piece, and lighting. Use your vintage ornaments even if they are not perfect. Just keep in mind color, texture and balance and you will have a beautiful home for the Holidays!

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