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Whole-house color palette success. A solution for the ages.

Smith Brothers living room setting
Smith Brothers 227 Sofa

I can’t tell you how many times I have encountered folks who get caught up in the ongoing saga of not being able to complete their home. Consumers often end up spending money and so much time in unnecessary ways throughout that journey of furnishing a home or introducing new pieces as needed along the way. It doesn’t have to be like this. Furnishing your home should be an enjoyable experience! The best of what you can do for yourself in terms of being budget savvy and design minded can be

represented in one solid design concept that can serve your peace of mind and pocketbook for many years. Success can be achieved via one simple, time-tested design concept that can create a sense of calm and balanced continuity throughout your entire home across the ages by using a concept called “whole-home color palette design”. While this idea is widely accepted in terms of permanent architectural features, it’s an excellent approach to home furnishings as well.

Consider if you will, a scenario in which you were able use a core color palette of 4 to 5 colors that you could implement throughout your entire home. Take a moment to imagine this. What would that mean for you at large? If you are able to repeat the same colors… both neutrals and a few accent colors throughout your home as a basis to build around, it means that you have the freedom of maximum flexibility, forever. This scenario would allow a home owner the option to interchange art, furnishings, rugs and accessories long term with the idea that pieces can be moved from room to room when

functional changes need to be met. Even if the function of a room or pieces within that room change, the original harmonious aesthetic will not be disrupted.

The idea of whole-house color palette design doesn’t mean that each room is exactly the same. Of course not, that would be mundane and silly. What it DOES mean is that you can have continuity and freedom in bending your focus from room to room to create impact AND harmony throughout the whole home. Perhaps one of the rooms has all of the colors of the palette represented equally, while perhaps in the next room the focus might be favoring one of those colors more heavily, while the next room still may be a monochromatic array of only one of those colors and a few neutrals. The greatest gift is in knowing that mixing varying scales of pattern along with an array of textures alone can change the tone and personality of a room and because of this, it matters not if you are of the mindset that you would purchase well and not often (meaning that you purchase high quality pieces of a moderate to high price point to last the longest time frame possible) or if you fancy yourself towards interesting pieces of whimsy more frequently at any price point. No matter your choices, this approach is a practical, yet high style solution, in which you can achieve a sophisticated and purposeful look while

yielding the ultimate option for long term design solutions. Less headache, maximum beauty!

If you find that the design journey of your home thus far has been seemingly disjointed, the whole-home design palette solution just may be the answer that you are looking for.

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